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“Home and commercial inspections from the roof to the foundation and everything in between.”

You’ve seen the “cut and paste” and standard websites as well as the clichéd slogans for various home inspectors. You may have made phone calls to different home inspectors with no personality or time to talk and answer your detailed questions.

I am a true home inspector. I can absolutely, with experience and knowledge, answer your questions and talk about the entire home, its systems and the repairs it would need. I can also provide suggestions and fixes as well as discuss with you about what you would like to do and how it can be done. I can and will address your concerns.

As for issues that arise, there is a cause and a solution to everything that is encountered. There are normal or common items, reasonable and expected issues, as well as items that are in need of attention - be that now or in the future. I'll work with you through these issues with conversations at the time of the inspection.

I am a real person with real experience and knowledge of the property, whether that is a home, multiunit, or commercial property.

You may have experienced dissatisfaction in the past or heard stories about home inspector experiences from your friends and family. You may have heard that home inspectors may display the following traits: dry, no personality, computer geek, evasive, a lecturer, just trying to impress me, in a hurry, doesn’t really know what he’s talking about, trying to scare me, making a mountain out of a mole hill.

You may have heard home inspectors tell you that you need to consult a “contractor,” “electrician,” “roofer,” “plumber,” “specialist,” and the most ambiguous of all - a “structural engineer.” All the typical cover for “I don’t know.” Meanwhile, you may be saying to yourself “why am I having an inspection.” If a specialist is needed, they can certainly be consulted.
Home Inspection Services

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At Cirrus Home Inspections, we don't make excuses like:
  • “We're not supposed to get on the roof”
  • “Crawl spaces are confined spaces”
  • “I can’t plug the appliance in or turn on the furnace”
  • “Somebody has the water off”
  • “It’s beyond the scope to make comment on…”
  • “I can’t look in the attic as it requires a ladder”
Do you really think our professionals make such excuses?

No. These are everyday language examples used by a good majority of home inspectors. After all, they went to a (1) week school, bought a tablet and a nice shirt; now they’re a home inspector (P.S. A nice shirt typically means they don’t get dirty).
I’ve been featured on TLC network’s “My First Home,” been a witness in court cases and have been trusted with thousands of inspections over the past 20+ years, and a good many of inspections for the Realtors in the area as well as their friends and family - all for a reason. I’m not the cheap one or the “easiest one”; I’m the realistic, knowledgeable, and fair one.

I was working as a construction laborer in this area back in high school, built my own, and assisted on several other homes; I am an electrical engineer from Purdue, an electrician, and I work on repair jobs regularly.

I'm likely the most expensive inspector in the area, for a distinct reason. I'm very knowledgeable, very experienced, and very good. A home inspection service is not like buying a gallon of milk where prices vary and the product is essentially the same.

Going with a “cheap” inspector is just that. It’s like walking into the emergency room of a hospital while your loved one is having a heart attack. Do you ask for the cheapest doctor? I’m sure you can get one.

Cheap in the home inspection field is like that in the medical field; it means something - can’t get business, past issues, bad reputation, weak knowledge base, no or little experience, etc. It might work out, but it may not. So when you ask yourself if saving $50 / $75 / $100 on a $100,000 house was worth it - will it be?

I don’t pay to be on HomeAdvisor or Angie’s List or any one of a number of other national chains of service providers. Member service providers pay big money for these services - ask yourself why.
Give us a call today to get a FREE estimate on our home inspection services.
As a buyer or seller, it's wise to have a thorough home inspection completed in advance so that there aren't any surprises.
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