Property Preservation

Top-Notch Property Preservation Services

Taking care of your property is a lifelong investment. Many major repairs could have been avoided if the smaller issues were addressed before they got worse. Fixing a leaky window costs a lot less than replacing a damaged window frame.

At Cirrus Home Inspections, we'll provide regular home maintenance services after inspecting your residential property. Call us today for a FREE estimate.

Routine Maintenance Will Save You Money and Preserve Your Property

By taking care of little stuff early on, you can save yourself a lot of money by preventing small issues from turning into big problems and by not allowing a bunch of small issues to pile up and lead to a major repair bill. Don't let your home deteriorate over time by being passive.
Home Maintenance Services

Affordable Home Maintenance Services

It doesn't have to cost a lot of money to keep your home in great shape. Fixing a broken doorknob or resealing a window doesn't cost much at all.

By staying on top of these simple repairs, you'll help your home maintain its value, and make it a more pleasant place to live. Not only that, you can avoid bigger repair bills and costly damage. Expect us to return your call, e-mail, or text message on the same day. Call us today!
Other services

We Take Care of Other Issues

  • Boarding windows
  • Lock changes
  • Property repairs
  • Lawn care
  • Other services
You know the saying "pay a little now, or pay a lot later on." Making sure your property is properly cared for is crucial to avoid major repairs. Fix the little stuff before it becomes a major hindrance. When you call us, you'll get immediate estimates.
Call us today to get a FREE estimate.
Before your home's little issues become big issues, give us a call and let us help you affordably repair and maintain your home.
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